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Customer Loyalty Platform

Reshape your customer engagement strategies with the industry’s most versatile and secure loyalty marketing platform. 

Build experiences as unique as your brand

Consumers have more choices than ever — that means your loyalty program can’t look run of the mill. With strictly plug-and-play programs, you’re bound to blend in and fall behind. 

With the ebbo™ loyalty platform, you can design and build programs specifically for your brand and target audience — then bring consumers in on the fun. By creating experiences for your customers, you collect better data, optimize future experiences and drive continuous engagement across the buying journey. 

design and build programs specifically for your brand and target audience


customer interactions in 2022

3.6 M

members across all loyalty programs

All-in-one loyalty

Need to get more people talking about your brand? Ready to offer a premium loyalty experience? The ebbo™ loyalty platform has a range of scalable solutions under one roof, allowing you to integrate programs, level up your approach and drive continuous engagement.

Meet any customer, anywhere

The ebbo™ loyalty engagement platform operates through every major physical and digital marketing channel, empowering you to create connections at every touchpoint.

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End-to-end loyalty management

Configurable solutions

Access loyalty or promotional programs completely tailored to your needs — from UX and creative to incentive structure and API integration. You tell us your boldest engagement ideas and we make them a reality.


  • Program management 
  • Official and abbreviated rules
  • Bonding and registration
  • Customer service
  • Winner selections
  • Strategy
  • Analytics
  • Creative
  • Development
  • Fulfillment 
  • Moderation

Think bigger with incentive-based programs

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Deep consumer insights with privacy peace of mind

Bring loyalty engagement goals to life with flexible managed services

Creative and UX
Create brand-specific, user-friendly experiences
Creative and UX
Content Moderation
Protect your reputation and program budget
Content Moderation
Strategy and Analytics
Understand consumers and iterate programs
Strategy and Analytics
Meet program-specific requirements
Customer Service
Offer unparalleled customer care
Customer Service
Access an in-house legal team for compliance support
Prize Management
Source and fulfill in-demand prizes
Prize Management

The loyalty platform provider trusted by leading brands