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Points-Based Loyalty

Give loyal customers a simple and familiar way to earn rewards for both purchase and non-purchase actions with a points-based loyalty program.

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Drive both purchase and non-purchase engagement

As the most common loyalty program currency, a points-based rewards system gives members an easy-to-understand value exchange for completing specific actions. By earning points and reaching redemption thresholds, members can claim anything from merch and perks to cashback and even vacation getaways or other targeted experiences. Non-purchase actions are also incentivized to drive engagement between purchase, which helps you collect valuable zero-party data and get to know your customers even better.

Partner with the ebbo™ team of experts to design a points-based loyalty program tailored just for your customers, and specifically for your goals.

A loyalty program that scales with you

Access dedicated support

Free up your team while ensuring a successful – and legally compliant – loyalty program with our end-to-end services. 

Leverage your social networks

Extend your reach and increase interactions by adding a social sharing component to your program.

Loyalty engagement designed for your customers

With ebbo™, you can create a tailored engagement to meet your goals and keep your customers coming back for more.

  • Data acquisition
  • Customer acquisition
  • Email subscribers
  • Social media followers
  • Loyal customers
  • SMS/text message contacts
  • Mobile app downloads
  • App/cross-channel trial, adoption and usage
  • Sales and traffic generation (when tied to interaction)

Service teams dedicated to your success

Creative and UX
Create brand-specific, user-friendly experiences
Creative and UX
Strategy and Analytics
Understand consumers and iterate programs
Strategy and Analytics
Meet program-specific requirements
Customer Service
Offer unparalleled customer care
Customer Service
Access legal for compliance support
Prize Management
Source and fulfill in-demand rewards
Prize Management