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Loyalty Programs

Create stronger connections with a loyalty program designed for your target audience.

Turn casual shoppers into loyal customers

Loyalty doesn’t come easy in a world where brands constantly compete for consumers’ attention. You need to adapt and evolve to remain top of mind and give consumers a reason to return.

Create, manage and scale loyalty programs that keep people coming back with ebbo™ customer loyalty solutions. By leveraging our all-in-one loyalty platform and cross-department teams, you can shape custom experiences that delight your customers and build emotional connections to your brand.
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process management of loyalty programs


customer interactions in 2021

Attract repeat customers with tailored solutions

Customer loyalty programs come in all shapes and sizes. From premium-tier loyalty experiences to points-based programs, our full suite of loyalty solutions flexes to your needs — while dedicated ebbo™ service teams tailor your program down to the smallest detail.

Loyalty solutions built for your business

Configurable solutions

Access programs completely tailored to your needs — from UX and creative to incentive structure and API integration. You tell us your boldest engagement ideas — we bring them to life.


Limitless prize options


  • Program management 
  • Official and abbreviated rules
  • Bonding and registration
  • Customer service
  • Winner selections
  • Strategy

Loyalty programs designed to exceed your goals

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Data-driven strategies, privacy peace of mind

Fill gaps on your team with flexible services

Creative and UX
Create brand-specific, user-friendly experiences
Creative and UX
Content Moderation
Protect your reputation and program budget
Content Moderation
Strategy and Analytics
Understand consumers and iterate programs
Strategy and Analytics
Meet program-specific requirements
Customer Service
Offer unparalleled customer care
Customer Service
Access an in-house legal team for compliance support
Prize Management
Source and fulfill in-demand prizes
Prize Management

Customer loyalty solutions trusted by leading brands