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Onboard and edcuate your loyalty members about your products, services and program updates in a more engaging way with trivia.

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Make customer education entertaining

Whether you’re testing consumer knowledge about a product’s benefits, or quizzing them about relevant pop culture references, trivia engagement makes your loyalty interactions more fun. A trivia experience can consist of a simple one-and-done question, or multiple questions refreshed with each new visit. You can even create a dynamic, interactive trivia program that enables participants to impact the outcome based on their responses.

Learn how the ebbo™ loyalty platform gives you the flexibility to tailor your trivia solutions to meet your specific goals.

  • Text-based 
  • Image-based
  • Video-based
  • Location-based
  • Real-time

A loyalty program that scales with you

Access dedicated support

Free up your team while running a successful – and legally compliant – loyalty program with our end-to-end services.

Leverage your social networks

Extend your reach and increase interactions by adding a social sharing component to your program.

Loyalty engagement designed for your customers

With ebbo™ loyalty management, you can create tailored engagement programs to meet you goals and keep your customers coming back for more.

  • Data acquisition
  • Customer acquisition
  • Email subscribers
  • Social media followers
  • Loyal customers
  • SMS/text message contacts
  • Mobile app downloads
  • App/cross-channel trial, adoption and usage
  • Sales and traffic generation (when tied to interaction)
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Service teams dedicated to your success

Creative and UX
Create brand-specific, user-friendly experiences
Creative and UX
Strategy and Analytics
Understand consumers and iterate programs
Strategy and Analytics
Meet program-specific requirements
Customer Service
Offer unparalleled customer care
Customer Service
Access legal for compliance support
Prize Management
Source and fulfill in-demand rewards
Prize Management