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About ebbo

Your trusted partner in building customer engagement, the ebbo™ services team works with you to keep your customers coming back — through loyalty programs and amplifiers like sweepstakes, UGC, rebates and more. 

about ebbo

The team behind unforgettable brand experiences

Building customer loyalty is harder than ever. But we’re ready for the challenge. With more than two decades of experience and unparalleled talent and technology, we help leading brands create unforgettable experiences for their customers.

While each day brings new challenges, the goal is simple: to drive repeat engagement. That’s why we don’t overcomplicate things. Instead, we break down the data, avoid complex jargon and seamlessly execute successful programs. As a true member of our partners’ teams, we relentlessly work to bring your customers back again and again.

the ebbo team behind unforgettable brand experiences

Our expert, iterative approach starts from the top down

  • Personalized professional development sessions
  • Leadership and career development
  • Internal mobility

Who we are

who we are at ebbo

Meet the leaders behind your engagement goals

Company location


500 Enterprise Drive, 2nd Floor
Rocky Hill, CT 06067

Better brand experiences start with a great culture