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Loyalty Program Strategy & Analytics

Design loyalty programs perfectly aligned to your target customers and brand with ebbo™ customer engagement strategy.

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Drive repeat engagement with a data-driven loyalty strategy

Today’s consumers are complex — guesswork about their preferences might get in the way of building authentic connections. You need a strategy designed for your marketing goals, key audiences, and consumers’ likes and dislikes to attract buyers’ attention and bring them back for more.

With ebbo™ loyalty strategy and analytics services, we analyze your customers’ needs to better understand their behavior and take engagement to the next level. From program concept to optimization of existing programs, our holistic view of each customer motivates engagement across the buying journey.

  • ​​​​Motivate specific behaviors
  • Leverage zero- and first-party data
  • Pivot strategy on a dime

Pick and choose from an array of strategy and analytics capabilities

Our dedicated strategy and analytics experts fill gaps on your team wherever and whenever you need them.

  • Program design
  • Program scorecards
  • Customer segmentation
  • Consumer insights
  • Loyalty strategy
  • Post engagement analysis
  • Personalization strategy
  • Business reviews
  • KPI development
  • Performance modeling
  • Program optimization
  • Annual planning
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Strategy that shifts with your goals

New data on your target audience? Sudden changes in the market? At ebbo, our loyalty program analytics services and platform help you track new insights and run with them, so your loyalty program constantly changes alongside your business needs.

Step up your loyalty strategy

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