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How to Enhance Your Sweepstakes to Elevate Consumer Engagement

Forty-five percent of consumers have made a first-time purchase because of participating in a sweepstakes campaign. And 72% of consumers would share personal information to participate in a sweepstakes. 

These statistics show how impactful and engaging sweepstakes campaigns can be for your brand.  

Sweepstakes serve as a great way for brands to expand their social media presence, elevate customer engagement, and collect customer data.  

And when you enhance sweepstakes, you’ll see even better results. 

Let’s look at why you should enhance a sweepstakes campaign, ways you can do it, and some examples to show you how it’s done. 


The Main Benefits of Enhancing a Sweepstakes Campaign 

Consider 81% of consumers say they’re more likely to engage with a brand if it offers an incentive. So, when your brand offers a sweepstakes campaign, your engagement levels will be high. 

And when you enhance sweepstakes, it helps you stand out from the crowd and differentiate your brand from the competition. This is something your customers will appreciate and remember. 

Enhancing sweepstakes campaigns also provides you with an abundance of insights that helps strengthen customer relationships moving forward. Sweepstakes motivate more frequent/higher engagement than just a simple single chance-to-win. 

Sweepstakes remain one of the most popular ways to collect valuable first-party data and opt-ins because of their versatility. Entrants register for a chance to win, with one winner or winners selected at random either throughout or at the end of the promotion.  

And sweepstakes can be tailored to meet various marketing objectives, including brand awareness, data acquisition, customer acquisition, email subscribers, social media followers, mobile app downloads, and sales and traffic generation. 

A sweepstakes campaign allows you to integrate the experience in a variety of formats across multiple channels, including social hashtags, mobile appstakes, and text-to-enter promotions.


3 Ways You Can Enhance Your Sweepstakes  

So, how can you enhance your sweepstakes campaign? 

You can incorporate an instant win game or another promotion type, such as a contest or instant win, to increase participation and encourage repeat engagement.  

Let’s look at three ways you can enhance your sweepstakes campaign: 

Add Trivia or a Survey: Participants answer a set of questions to earn a sweepstakes entry. This helps your brand capture more robust data from participants. 

Include a Dashboard: With a dashboard sweepstakes approach, entrants complete a series of additional activities to earn additional entries. For example, participants complete a survey and share it via social media and earn an entry for sharing. 

They earn additional entries if someone else enters by clicking through the link that they shared. 

Some other actions participants can complete are uploading product purchase receipts, uploading photos of a specific thing, or watching a video. Activities can be available all at once or can be released in phases to motivate return visits and increase engagement. 

Include daily or weekly drawings for smaller prizes to help drive more engagement and entries. 

Consumers love the allure of winning a great prize, so adding any of these elements to your sweepstakes will accelerate engagement and data insights. 


Some Sweepstakes Examples to Consider  

Here are a few brands that we’ve helped with sweepstakes enhancement to increase customer engagement. 

The Bel Brands Adventure 4 The Whole Family: 

The objective was to leverage Bel Brands’ sponsorship of Disney Pixar’s Toy Story Land and Toy Story 4 movie.  

Babybel and The Laughing Cow created a virtual Toy Story Land featuring content inspired by the movie, Toy Story 4. Consumers could complete multiple activities such as viewing content, playing carnival games, and uploading receipts to earn additional chances to win a Disney-curated adventure.  

For every purchase consumers made, they earned additional chances to instantly win prizes. 

Dodge Horsepower Challenge Trivia:  

The objective was to reinforce the virility of the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat with a splashy, viral social activation.  

For five weeks, consumers were asked trivia questions with 85 potential multiple-choice answers. To eliminate options, consumers could enter hidden social hashtags. If they answered the weekly question correctly, they could win a Dodge Hellcat.  

Trivia questions required a working knowledge of physics, so the brand posted hints online and to Challenger subreddits by brand fans. 

Cruzan Bucket List: 

The objective was to engage Cruzan Rum lovers during the core summer selling season and acquire new target insights for their CRM database. 

Playing off the popular rum bucket beach drink, participants could add location-specific activities to a virtual “summer bucket list” for a chance to win a VIP bucket list vacation to St. Croix.  

For crossing items off their list, and uploading photos of themselves completing their activities, participants earned additional sweepstakes entries. 


An Enhanced Sweepstakes Draws Increased Engagement 

Since consumers are naturally drawn to incentive-based engagement, an enhanced sweepstakes will do wonders for your brand. 

Figure out your objective, establish KPIs, and align enhancements to help drive them. 

Compelling and unique prizes will help with engagement, so consider what would be aspirational for your customers. 

Enhanced sweepstakes can magnify brand awareness and increase your data and customer acquisition efforts. 

If you need help enhancing your sweepstakes, or if you simply want to start engaging with your customers with sweepstakes of your own, feel free to reach out to our loyalty and customer engagement experts any time here. We’d love to chat! 


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