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Product Sampling with Sampletize

This innovative digital solution turns marketing collateral into direct to consumer product sampling

With our proprietary turnkey solution, you can turn existing marketing collateral like print ads and table tents into direct-to-consumer product sampling channels. Participants simply text a keyword to TRYME to instantly receive a digital coupon, or automatically trigger a product sample delivered to their door. And each new consumer registration establishes another direct CRM relationship. No human intervention required.

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Key benefits of product sampling

  • Turnkey sampling: Integrate with your existing marketing collateral, no human interactions required
  • Real-time analysis: Access the Sampletize Administration Module (SAM) to view your real-time program performance dashboard
  • Trackable coupons: Purchase-driving coupons can be tracked by individual consumers or by specific distribution location, with each redemption tracked and reported in the Sampletize Administration Module (SAM) for further analysis and remarketing opportunities
  • Generate insight: Feedback is gathered via text or email 1-4 weeks after trial (depending on the sample)
  • Ongoing relationships: Sampletize registrations turn one-time sampling opportunities into direct CRM relationships with your most likely customers

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