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Consumer Data Platform (CDP)

PrizeLogic’s Consumer Data Platform Improves the Usability, Accessibility and Timeliness of Your Customer Data

At its core, the PrizeLogic Engage Platform is a Consumer Data Platform (CDP) used to create a consumer database, for effectively collecting, storing and managing customer data. As a consumer data management system, our CDP can manage any online or offline data source, including first-party data from PrizeLogic Incentivized Engagements or integrate with other client partner and third-party data sets. We organize the data to provide a unified, persistent customer profile and single customer view.

PrizeLogic customer profiles power best-in-class promotion, rebate and loyalty engagement outcomes, personalization and new customer insights. Through our Engage Integration Manager and Engage Activation services, we provide holistic solutions designed to maximize the value of your customer data assets.

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What is a customer data platform?

A Customer Data Platform, or CDP, is a marketer-managed system that unifies a company’s data from marketing and other channels that is accessible to other systems. A CDP is much more than a customer database. It’s a consumer data management system built to empower marketers with a unified customer profile data to improve the accessibility, usability and timeliness of their customer data. CDPs solve three major data challenges facing marketers:

Disparate data

Today marketers use a wide range of different tools to engage customers. The result is a variety of different systems, each with its own unique way of storing data. CDPs allow marketers to stitch those siloed systems together into one unified data set.


Unified customer view

CDPs utilize a consistent identifier that links all of a customer’s data across all marketing platforms – allowing for complete customer data integration.


Too often marketers have to ask “permission” from other organizational groups to access their customer data. CDPs are entirely marketer-managed, allowing them to easily access and activate their data.

Accessible data

8 key benefits of customer data platforms

The PrizeLogic Engage Consumer Data Platform (CDP) can be used as a company’s consumer data management system or as a more effective contributor and activator of a brand’s existing CDP. In either case, the Engage CDP provides significant advantages:

Shape unforgettable brand experiences