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Our customer audiences enable brands to
reach the right people more efficiently with
their existing media.

Prizelogic’s proprietary data asset is the product of over 8,000 incentive-based programs, generating tens of millions of consumer interactions. We transform user-based engagement and interactions into authentic, high performing syndicated and custom audiences to give marketers a competitive advantage. In other words, we activate existing customer data and provide actionable intelligence to allow for immediate brand activation.

Activated audiences that drive media and marketing results


lower cost per acquisition


Performance lift compared to other targeted media


of consumers would engage with a brand that offers an incentive

Proprietary 1:1 consumer engagement data

We acquire the most authentic consumer data because we trade value to get value. Participants in our promotions, rebates and loyalty programs provide accurate information in their own self-interest – because they want to receive their incentives.

Engage activation audiences: Two options

Option 1: Syndicated audiences – increase program participation

Prizelogic’s Syndicated Audiences harnesses the insight from thousands of Prizelogic programs to create targeted program audiences, which results in a 4X to 10X performance lift. Choose from 60+ identified audiences based on your marketing objective, program goals and consumer propensities. Syndicated audiences are available for purchase in LiveRamp Data Marketplace and its integrated DSPs

Engage activation chart

Option 2: Customized audiences – optimize overall marketing activation mix

Customized audiences allow brands to generate their own proprietary first-party consumer engagement data to create more specific mode ls and help optimize the brand’s entire marketing mix. In addition to driving promotion and loyalty program participation, custom audiences can be developed to deliver on specific marketing objectives such as driving purchase, cross-selling product portfolio, optimizing media mixes and re-engaging lapsed consumers.

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