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Personality Profilers & Quizzes

Increase brand relevancy and gain insight by incentivizing consumers to take a personality quiz

Personality profilers and quizzes help brands learn more about their consumers while also driving personalization and product education. By simply answering a few questions (text-based, image-based, and/or video-based), participants receive shareable results based on their answers – and prizes, offers, and content can all be customized based on their input.

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Which marketing objectives do personality profilers achieve?

  • Brand Engagement
  • Data Acquisition
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Insights
  • Content Creation & Sharing
  • Product Education
  • Social Buzz & Virality
  • Product Trial (through education/results)
  • Sales, Demand, & Traffic Generation (when an offer is attached)

Personality profiler types

  • Gift generators
  • Product recommenders
  • Travel profiles
  • Cocktail selectors
  • Character generators
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Explore personality profiler and quiz examples

Shape unforgettable brand experiences

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