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Digital Coupons

Turn online engagement into purchase with digital coupons delivered through a variety of channels

From single-use codes to mobile wallets, digital coupons provide redemption flexibility, security and can be distributed across all digital marketing channels including email, mobile and social. You can incorporate coupons with other digital marketing solutions to reward consumer engagement, or leverage coupons to complement a range of other digital marketing strategies.

Man and woman holding a credit card, online shopping

A variety of digital coupon solutions to support your marketing strategies and operational capabilities

  • Single-use coupon codes: Unique one-time use codes provide redemption security and can be redeemed across all channels
  • Physical: Printable coupons can also include a layer of security through unique one-time use codes
  • QR code: This smartphone enabled solution can be scanned at POS for redemption
  • Mobile wallet: Enable your customers to have their coupon readily accessible for redemption
  • Load onto shopper card: A perfect fit for grocery to drive shopper card mobile app adoption and for CPG shopper marketing teams to offer a frictionless coupon redemption for consumers

Create gamified experiences with coupons to better engage consumers or complement other digital marketing strategies

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Shape unforgettable brand experiences

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