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Clarus Commerce drives $90 million to catalog and online retailer with a custom premium loyalty program.

Premium Loyalty Drives $90 Million to Catalog & Online Retailer [Case Study]

A large catalog & online retailer was looking to revamp their customer loyalty programs for their portfolio of 15 separate brands.

They wanted to focus on customer acquisition and retention as well as improve key metrics including purchase frequency, average order value, and total sales per customer.

Partnering with Clarus Commerce to build and run white-label, premium loyalty programs for their portfolio of brands seemed like the perfect way to achieve their goals.

Crawl, Walk, Run

When the retailer first partnered with Clarus, they wanted to launch premium loyalty programs with 3 of their separate brands as a test.

Clarus worked side by side with the retailer’s marketing and executive management teams to design a program with unique benefits that would highly encourage and reward consumers for frequent usage and loyalty.

The first three programs were highly successful, and the retailer launched premium loyalty programs on their remaining 12 brands.

 “We do brainstorming together; we like to sit together and meet often. It’s things like these that make a difference, because we don’t have this level or quality of relationship with other companies.” – Senior Program Manager

The Results

Since partnering with Clarus on their premium loyalty programs, the retailer has seen purchase frequency increase 40%, average order value increase 17%, and total sales per customer increase 56%.

The programs also drove over $90 million in purchases back to the retailer.


40% Increase in Purchase Frequency | 17% Increase in AOV | 56% Increase in Total Sales Per Customer