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Social Media Incentives

Gain new loyalty members and engage your existing membership with one-of-a-kind social media incentives.

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Make your brand a social stand out

Social media is no longer a niche strategy — it’s a go-to tactic for brands to engage loyal followers and reach new customers. But as platforms become more and more saturated with content, the last thing you want is to get lost in the noise.

Social promotion is all about making connections — and ebbo helps you amplify your loyalty program by stimulating conversation with your customers. Our team of experts analyzes data to understand behavior trends and target specific demographics. The result? You cut through the clutter and reach target audiences and generate buzz through your loyalty members.

  • ​​Increase follower count
  • ​​Target specific demographics
  • Encourage positive brand interactions

Make social engagement come easy

Capture every entry with ease

Leverage our proprietary tool to scan for new posts and send messages to winning customers.

Configure programs to objectives

Choose from various programs and channels, like hashtag contests, Twitter contests or Instagram contests.

Leverage expert-backed technology

Use a data-driven strategy to optimize your program with platform reporting and service teams.

Gain consumer insights

Better understand your customers with 360-degree consumer profiles built on zero- and first-party data.

Tap into our social promotions insights


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Unforgettable social experiences designed to help amplify your loyalty program.

Stimulate user engagement across platforms with ebbo.

  • Social engagement
  • Content creation and sharing
  • Social buzz and virality
  • Customer advocacy
  • Brand ambassador identification
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Brand affinity
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Set your social media incentives apart with ebbo™ service teams

Creative and UX
Create brand-specific, user-friendly experiences
Creative and UX
Content Moderation
Protect your reputation and program budget
Content Moderation
Strategy and Analytics
Understand consumers and iterate programs
Strategy and Analytics
Meet program-specific requirements
Customer Service
Offer unparalleled customer care
Customer Service
Access an in-house legal team for compliance support
Prize Management
Source and fulfill in-demand prizes
Prize Management

Build customer loyalty with tailored social media incentives