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Why Our Second Annual Yard Goats Game was a Hit at Clarus

Clarus holds several annual company events that everyone is quick to mark on their respective calendars.

One of those events occurred on May 22 when, for the second straight year, we attended a Hartford Yard Goats game at beautiful Dunkin’ Donuts Park.

It’s an annual event that came from the results of an employee survey about future events we’d like to do as a company. Since the ballpark was brand new to Hartford, the first year was the first trip to the ballpark for many of us.

With an attractive 10:35 a.m. start time, combined with nice weather, it’s a great way to spend a day out of the office.

Our sports enthusiasts really enjoy the game, while others simply enjoy the camaraderie among fellow Clarus employees.


Team Building on the Party Deck

Dunkin’ Donuts Park has been named one of the best minor league parks in the country and it’s nice walking around the stadium as well. And if you walk far enough around the park, you might even get to see some baby goats!

Everyone appreciates this company event because it’s great to enjoy a day out of the office, watching a baseball game, talking with friends at work, and having an adult beverage or two!

Upon arrival, we are seated in our own party deck overlooking home plate and first base. Everyone enjoyed a buffet filled with ballpark classics such as hamburgers and hot dogs while watching the game and keeping an eye out for foul balls in our area.

At Clarus we believe in enjoying our time both in and out of the office and the Yard Goats game is no exception.

For everyone, it’s a nice break from the office and an opportunity to see colleagues outside of work in a relaxing environment.

And, perhaps the perfect ending to an already perfect day, is at the conclusion of the game, our Clarus team gets the rest of the day off to enjoy!


Clarus Commerce having fun at the Hartford Yard Goats company outing.

Clarus Team Members Reflect On Their Experiences

Some of our Clarus team members shared their thoughts about the annual Yard Goats game tradition:

This year was my first Yard Goats game experience and I have to say that it was quite enjoyable. Seeing the team step out of the office, being able to relax and unwind from their workday, is a great perk to the company.” – Jennifer Kellogg, Office Coordinator

“The annual Yard Goats game has almost become a celebration of the start of summer for Clarus. Enjoying fresh air at the ballpark with the team is always relaxing and fun.” – Danielle Perez, Senior Demand Gen Manager

“I always look forward to our day out at the ballpark with the Clarus team. Nothing better than enjoying a beautiful sunny day at one of the best minor league parks with a bunch of amazing colleagues. And then throw in a 10:30 a.m. hot dog, cheeseburger, and beer … couldn’t ask for more!” – Chris Cobb, VP, Retail Partnerships

 “After just a few days of working here, I had already heard about going to a Yard Goats game from more than a few people. You could tell it was one of those days that everyone looks forward to each year. After going to the game this year, I can tell why: It was awesome! You really can’t beat spending a beautiful day outside at a baseball game.” – Tim Fraser, Assistant Email Marketing Operations Manager


Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Suffice to say, the annual Yard Goats outing is a hit with the Clarus team!

Taking everyone out to the ball game is a great day enjoyed by all.

As Danielle said, the late May Yard Goats game serves as our unofficial start to summer.

If you can picture yourself rooting for the Yard Goats at Clarus at a future game, check our job descriptions here.

Erica Wilson

Erica Wilson is our Manager of Culture & Programs. She oversees our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program and special projects for company events and employee engagement. When she's not managing multiple projects and planning company events, Erica enjoys spending time with her family and attending concerts, plays and comedy shows.

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