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How Reebok’s New Loyalty Program Can “Unlock” More Customer Engagement

Reebok’s new loyalty program, Unlocked, could be the answer to boost sales and get the brand to the level it should be at.

The new loyalty program launched today and hits on key themes such as personalization, experiential benefits over discounts, an smooth omnichannel customer experience, and brand advocacy.

Here are 4 ways the new program should unlock heightened customer engagement.


1. A Personalized Experience

Customers can sign up for the Unlocked program by creating a profile on Reebok’s site. They earn points by buying products and interacting with the brand.

In exchange for these brand interactions, customers receive benefits such as free shipping and returns, training sessions, early access to products, invites to exclusive events, and personalized customer service.

Reebok officials encourage members to supply more information on their personal preferences so they can tailor rewards and offers.

Consumers want to be recognized through personalized lifestyle awards, which can prompt them to share more personal data.


2. Enhanced Experiential Benefits

The Unlocked loyalty program is a tiered offering that offers free shipping and returns, VIP customer service, events, training sessions, and additional personalized offers.

Reebok’s new loyalty program comes on the heels of Lululemon’s premium loyalty test program that mixes transactional and experiential benefits.

According to Matt Blonder, Reebok’s Global Head of Digital, Unlocked is a value-based program that rewards customers for brand interactions. There are points connected to spend, but also points associated with social and event interactions.

Experiential benefits build deeper emotional connections and create long-term impact. They also create differentiation and forge a competitive advantage.


3. Customer Experience

In conjunction with the new Unlocked program, Reebok plans to launch a revamped website later this month.

While many new loyalty programs are simply layered over an existing website, Reebok’s new site will load faster and include back end support that will yield improved data analytics capabilities.

Pairing the new program with a new website can create a win-win situation for Reebok and its loyal customers.

A new loyalty program can bring enhanced engagement and elevated spend, while the new website can bring a more seamless online customer experience.


4. Brand Advocates

Reebok officials believe that using customers as influencers is a great way to drive conversion rates.

The Unlocked program aims to create sustainable, personalized customer relationships. These types of relationships lead to brand advocacy, which is the goal for any retailer.

When your customers can evangelize about your loyalty program and brand, it is a powerful asset.

Typically, a customer that unconditionally advocates for a brand has a strong emotional bond with the company based on a series of memorable experiences.

These same customers usually have a history of seamless and memorable customer experiences that have endeared them to the brand. They have become brand advocates and seek a personalized, two-way relationship with the brand.

That strong emotional pull guides them during their ongoing brand advocacy.


Unlocked Has All The Bases Covered

Unlocked covers so many integral pieces of a winning loyalty program.

Reebok clearly understands the importance of connecting emotionally with its customers. A successful loyalty program engages customers beyond just points and appeals to a consumer’s sense of exclusivity, personalization, and experience.

‘Unlocked’ can certainly unlock more customer loyalty at Reebok.


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