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Will People Pay for Loyalty Programs? Upcoming Data Study Answers That & More

If you work in the retail space, you’ve heard about premium loyalty.

We’ve seen premium loyalty programs continue to gain traction with leading retail brands like yours. And we’re excited to see this trend continue and shape the future of customer loyalty.

But while brands are talking about it, how do consumers feel?

We wanted to find out straight from the source, so we conducted the first-ever consumer study focused on premium loyalty. We asked the questions that are on everyone’s minds.

For example, are people really willing to pay for a loyalty program membership?

(Spoiler alert: They absolutely are!)

In fact, more than 70 percent of consumers would join a premium loyalty program if their favorite retailer offered one.

Additionally, the study reveals that 86 percent of consumers who are satisfied with a retailer’s premium loyalty program will likely choose that brand over a competitor that offers a lower price.

Customer loyalty isn’t acquired overnight, so it’s important for retailers to build it through a series of positive brand interactions and moments.

Premium loyalty programs support this strategy by allowing retailers to consistently engage with customers across multiple touch points and provide personalized, exclusive benefits that make customers feel truly special and valued.

This is what creates that deeper, more meaningful connection to the brand, and builds consumer trust over time.

To better understand how premium loyalty is driving increased brand engagement over traditional points systems, be sure to download this free data study.

It’s packed with stats straight from consumers that shop at brands like yours. We guarantee you’ll find this valuable for your loyalty strategy.

The Clarus Commerce 2019 Premium Loyalty Study will be released in on July 10th. If you’d like us email you a free copy when it becomes available, sign up here.

Tom Caporaso

Tom, our CEO, oversees the strategic direction of the company with over 20 years of experience in the loyalty and subscription space. When he's not leading in the office, he can be found coaching his kids in sports or watching his beloved New York Yankees or Pittsburgh Steelers.

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