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How Did 7-Eleven Nearly Triple Its Loyalty Program Membership?

What makes 7-Eleven so appealing to its customers?

Is it the convenience? Is it the familiar green and orange color scheme? Is it the delicious Slurpees?

One thing is for sure:

7-Eleven puts its customers at the center, especially when it comes to its 7Rewards loyalty program.

Here’s why the convenience store chain focuses so much on loyalty, and what is has done for the business.


Loyalty Program Membership Has Tripled in Two Years – Here’s What That Means

Since 7-Eleven expanded its 7Rewards loyalty program two years ago, its membership has nearly tripled, jumping from 9 million members to 25 million.

According to company officials, this massive increase in membership has translated to increased store visits and a larger, more loyal customer base for the world’s largest convenience retailer.

7Rewards is a mobile customer loyalty app that earns users a free beverage for every six cups purchased.

Approximately 80% of products are available in-app for redemption. Plus, customers can earn 7Rewards bonus points on select items, as well as receive digital coupons.

You don’t have to have coupons in your basket. Instead, customers simply scan an applicable item and the digital coupons will be immediately applied allowing customers to get their rewards much faster.

And faster, more instantaneous rewards are what customers expect in the instant society we live in.

Due to its huge success with the 7Rewards loyalty program, this year 7-Eleven received several awards for its loyalty program, including: Convenience Store News’ Technology Leader of the Year Award, Loyalty360 Technology and Trends Platinum Award, and The International Business ‘Gold Stevie’ Award for Integrated Mobile Experience.


How Does 7-Eleven Define Success?

While all the accolades are wonderful, company officials are most pleased because they are building stronger and deeper loyalty with their customers in a measurable way.

“While winning awards is certainly an honor, the real measure of success is how 7Rewards benefits our customers and franchisees every day,” said Joe DePinto, 7-Eleven President and CEO.

“7Rewards members visit our stores more often and spend more when they shop. That means increased store traffic for franchisees and our corporate stores – an added eight customers per store each day.”

This program works because company officials aren’t worried about how it benefits the corporation, but how it benefits the customers.

7-Eleven officials have the best of both worlds: They’ve added a slew of new members and they are all incredibly valuable.

Customer-centricity is the key at 7-Eleven.


Placing the Customer at the Center Triggers Lasting Brand Loyalty

The key word in the phrase customer loyalty is CUSTOMER.

Without highly engaged customers diligently using your program, there is no loyalty.

The customer can never be taken out of the equation and must be the driving force behind any loyalty program from concept planning, to launch, to continuous optimization, and forever.

Prioritizing customer problems keeps the customer at the heart of every decision.

Great loyalty programs come from keeping your customers satisfied and engaged.

It is where differentiation plays a starring role and sets you apart from the competition.

How will you engage your loyalty program members in a way that keeps them coming back?


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