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Clarus Earns a 2020 Stevie Award That Highlights Customer Service

At Clarus Commerce, we take customer service very seriously and place it in the highest regard.

Over the past year we implemented a new Customer Support Platform, which was a huge investment for our company. We now can respond to member inquiries quickly, easily, and more efficiently.

As a result of that efficient and seamless performance, I’m proud to say our team recently won a Bronze Stevie Award in the “Customer Service Department” category.

The Stevie® Awards are among the most coveted honors in the business world. They cover several categories for customer service and contact center achievements.

Created in 2002, they honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals worldwide.


Personalizing Customer Service

Since the new Customer Support platform allows us many different options, two areas have stood out.

The first is personalization.

Personalization gives our members a friendly feel when receiving an email from our support staff.  Secondly, reporting has provided data to help make adjustments to the site, creating a member-centric product.

Some of the reporting tools have greatly assisted in the decision-making process regarding site enhancements.

We’ve also made vast improvements to one of the products that we power, Our team works diligently at listening to our customers to make product enhancements that ensure a memorable customer experience.


Members Receiving Extra “Help”

Another example of this is our new Help Center for consumer-facing products.

It previously involved three-to-five responses before a resolution, but it’s now been simplified to just a single email.

To accomplish this, we added a form on our site that members fill out. During the process of filling out the form, the page is responsive and pulls in any restrictions found on the retailer’s site, providing the member much more information prior to reaching out to the Customer Service team.

This has also helped improve the process for our internal Customer Service team as well. These inquiries are congregated in a single place, which allows the team to quickly resolve any member’s inquiry.

Consumers enjoy this process because it’s more convenient than having to call, email, or chat for these issues.


Maintaining High Standards for Customer Service Metrics

While implementing new and improved help centers, we have also maintained our excellent Customer Service metrics that we pride ourselves on.

By implementing both the new Customer Service platform and the Help Center, the team has become much more efficient. We are now responding to our member emails faster than ever, with an average reply time well under 10 hours.

While we’ve made some great customer service accomplishments this year, we will continue to track the preferences of our customers and keep an eye on technology to make sure we stay ahead of the curve.

Read more about branded customer service here.

Mike Procaccini

Michael Procaccini is our Senior Manager, Customer Service overseeing owned & operated and white label loyalty programs. In addition to answering program member inquiries, Michael provides support to his team and our call center. When he's not helping members, Mike enjoys spending time with his family and friends, attending sporting events (preferably any team from NY), concerts and racing.

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