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Cinemark Showcases How A Premium Loyalty Tier Complements a Free Program

Officials at Cinemark on Wednesday unveiled their new and improved loyalty program called Cinemark Movie Rewards.

Cinemark Movie Rewards combines Cinemark Connections, Cinemark’s existing free loyalty program, and Movie Club, the monthly membership program, which gives loyalty members the opportunity to choose between two tiers: Movie Fan and Movie Club.

The new two-tiered loyalty program is easy to understand and navigate.

Cinemark launched the upgraded loyalty program after extensive consumer research. Cinemark Movie Rewards gives members greater access to free tickets, special events, and food and beverage rewards. Cinemark Movie Rewards uses a points-per-dollar approach, allowing members to earn and track points easily.

CEO Mark Zoradi said that the new program meets and exceeds customer needs and is “effortless to manage, personalize and access.”


Cinemark Movie Rewards Explained

Cinemark’s combined loyalty program seamlessly works as follows:

Movie Fan—The Free Tier

Members earn one point for every one dollar spent to redeem for free tickets, concession items and collectible movie swag. Additionally, members receive exclusive access to specialty screenings and more all with no upfront cost.

Movie Club— The Premium Tier

For a monthly fee of $8.99, or $9.99 in CA, OR, WA, and AK, and in addition to all Movie Fan benefits, members receive one ticket per month, member pricing on additional tickets, a 20 percent discount on all concessions every visit and the ability to reserve seats with no online fees. All unused tickets rollover each month and can be used any time with no expiration for active members.


You Can Appeal To Everyone, But Not With One Program

The launch of Cinemark Movie Rewards is a prime example of how a premium tier seamlessly complements a free loyalty program.

A mix of transactional and experiential benefits is vital for a successful brand’s loyalty program. Adding a premium loyalty tier provides benefits that go above and beyond transactional ones.

Those premium loyalty benefits can include member-only exclusives. The key here is engaging all your customers.

The appealing aspect to members of your free loyalty program is that they can easily upgrade to the premium tier, especially if those latter benefits are easily identifiable to them.

See how to supercharge your free loyalty program with a paid tier.


A Premium Loyalty Program Targets Your Best Customers

Having a premium loyalty tier to complement your free program is a wise move by Cinemark.

A premium loyalty program is aimed at your best customers because they already engage with your brand the most and buy the most. Having them become members of a premium loyalty program makes them exponentially more valuable because their engagement and buying levels soar.

The best part of complementing your free program with a premium tier is you’re hitting the bulk of your customer base and members can move between the two levels depending on their needs.


Give Your Customers the Best of Both Worlds

By combining its free and premium loyalty programs, Cinemark shows the potent power behind this offering in a seamless fashion.

Offering enticing benefits that add value is a huge part of a premium loyalty program and many customers are drawn to this.

When a company combines free and premium tiers in a loyalty program, it’s really getting the best of both worlds. You achieve and retain loyalty and foster brand advocacy.

Members in the free program can also see the exciting benefits from the premium tier and may opt to upgrade.

Cinemark hits the mark with Cinemark Movie Rewards and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.


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