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Can Offering Incentives Increase Loyalty Program Engagement?

We wanted to learn more about the impact of incentives on loyalty program engagement so we surveyed more than 1,200 U.S. consumers in March and presented our findings in the infographic below.  

Our data shows that most consumers will join and engage with your loyalty program if you offer them valuable incentives. They will also participate in various brand-related activities to earn loyalty points, to enter a sweepstakes or any other type of promotions you offer, and to join your loyalty program.  

Those activities include leaving a review on your site, completing a survey, watching a brand video, and viewing updated content on your loyalty program site.    

And some of the best promotions you can use as incentives to increase customer engagement with your loyalty program and collect better data are Chance-to-Win, Offers & Rebates, and Gamification.  

Click here to see our recent customer engagement survey results.

Can Offering Incentives Increase Loyalty Program Engagement? [Infographic]

Jim Tierney

Jim is our Loyalty Content Specialist, working closely with the B2B Marketing team. Aside from cranking out loyalty-related content, he is the proud father of two beautiful daughters, an avid runner and an old movie fanatic who calls Alfred Hitchcock his favorite director and Claude Rains his favorite actor.

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