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ebbo Named a 2018 Connecticut Top Workplace

I’m proud to say that ebbo has been named a 2018 Connecticut Top Workplace. It’s officially our sixth year in a row winning the award from the Hartford Courant.

This year, over 800 regional employers were invited to participate and only 60 received recognition as a top workplace. Employees were sent confidential questionnaires with questions about benefits, culture, and more to rate their employers.

There were a lot of factors that came into play as companies were reviewed. Standard things like wages and benefits were considered, but there were a lot of intangible factors that I believe had the biggest impact.

Here’s more information about the Hartford Courant Connecticut Top Workplaces 2018 awards.

ebbo Provides Great Benefits, Both Tangible and Intangible

The tangible benefits are the easy part.

We have competitive wages and the benefits at ebbo are excellent. We have a great vacation policy, retirement options, health insurance, and bonuses, but it’s the intangible benefits that really set a company apart.

What happens when your furnace stops working in the winter and you need to be home for the repair person? What happens when a kid gets the flu?

These are all real-life things that happen. How does your manager respond?

At ebbo, we understand that sometimes life happens. If you must spend the day working from home because the plumber gave you an eight-hour window, that’s okay. We have tools like instant messaging and video chat, so you can still be a part of the conversation remotely.

Learn more about the ebbo work from home policy.

We even have some employees who work from home as part of their normal schedules. We trust each other, so we try to be accommodating.

Bagel Fridays, company outings to baseball games or trivia, and an awesome holiday party at the casino are just a few of the other intangible benefits that we have at ebbo.

The work here can be fast and challenging, but we also like to have fun as a big team. It makes working together that much better.

ebbo Employees Love the Culture

From the second I walk into the office every day, I can feel the positivity around me and it is contagious. People genuinely want to be at ebbo. They come here to grow.

That’s why we encourage learning. We have things like training budgets where employees get resources every year to attend conferences and courses. We also have invested in a mentoring program where team members can sign up with a mentor (usually a more senior level employee) to build their skills.

We have also started bringing in outside guests and speakers for our monthly company lunches. Recently, the COO of one of our large e-commerce customers came in to talk about the retail catalog space and some of the challenges his company faces.

While we hire smart people at ebbo, we know that we don’t know everything. That’s why we’re all lifelong learners. It’s just a part of our culture.

While we’re serious about growth and helping our clients, we’re not a stuffy company.

Team members aren’t chained down to their desks. You might see us on a walking meeting around our office campus or down in the game room brainstorming over a game of ping pong. We also regularly get involved in the local community and take days off to do volunteer work together.

It’s more about the work itself rather than where it gets done. People here make an impact every day.

We Love Working Together

Out of 24 factors covering 7 areas that Energage based the results on, one that really stood out to me was how well employees work together towards a common goal.

That’s something that makes ebbo truly special.

I have worked at other companies where employees aren’t on the same page. Everyone is interested in their individual goals or team goals, but they aren’t necessarily aligned on the overall goals of the company.

At ebbo, we are very clear about our company objectives. We have regular company meetings where all 100+ employees get together to hear about our wins and struggles and what we all need to do as a big team to hit our OKR’s.

We recently had a big product launch and I was blown away by how everyone banded together and did whatever they had to do to get it completed.

Collaboration is encouraged at ebbo. That’s the main reason for having an open office environment. Employees can get up and talk to each other. I see it all the time. My desk is right out in the open as well.

It creates a type of environment that just naturally promotes teamwork.

We Take a #TEAM Approach so Great People Stick Around

Treat people well. Encourage collaboration. Aim for greatness. Make a difference.

We measure ourselves on these things every single day. Everyone here treats each other with the utmost respect. Our open floor plan and accessibility to everyone allow for a collaborative environment where the exchange of ideas is encouraged.

ebbo is a place for growth and people here aim for the stars. It’s okay if we make mistakes. We learn from them. That mentality gives people the confidence to overcome boundaries. That’s why everyone here, from intern to executives, makes a difference every day.

While tangible benefits like salary and bonuses are an important part of a great workplace, we receive the Connecticut Top Workplaces award year after year because we stay focused on building a great culture at ebbo.

We are supportive of the entire team and understand that people have lives outside of work. While we move quickly and work hard, we also make sure to have fun every day.

That’s why our employees love working here and it’s why we work so well together to achieve great things quickly. After all, it’s not about the award itself. The award simply summarizes how employees feel about ebbo because it’s completely based on their feedback.

I’m incredibly proud of the team and what they accomplish every day.

If you’re looking to join a team that encourages collaboration and growth, check our job openings here.

Clarus Commerce is a 2018-Connecticut Top Workplace.

ebbo™ is an all-in-one loyalty company. With our data driven strategy, full-service approach, and the unwavering support of the people behind the platform, our dedicated team will work with you to understand your loyalty goals, innovate solutions and help you build customer engagement on repeat.

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