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PrizeLogic + Clarus Commerce: The Future is Engagement Marketing

Earning customer loyalty is harder than ever because consumers have more options, are trying new brands, accessing more channels, using more devices and have quickly evolving shopping habits. To be successful, brands must authentically and relevantly connect with consumers.

But with numerous challenges ahead around data, privacy, and fragmentation, how can marketers accomplish this? As third-party browser cookies sunset in 2023, it will become even tougher for marketers to collect valuable data to effectively communicate with customers. Add to that increasingly fragmented regulatory compliance requirements brands and their agency partners face around consumer privacy and it makes acquiring and effectively leveraging customer data even more challenging.

More than ever, marketers need a system to engage and connect directly with their customers. Direct consumer engagement is the holy grail for generating privacy compliant first- and zero-party data collection. Customers are willing to share their data, but they expect value in return. When done correctly, this customer data is the most valuable asset a brand can possess, with more tools now than ever to help brands effectively leverage this data for the betterment of their customers and their business. But this has required multiple systems working together in a privacy safe way. Juggling multiple vendors for CDP, loyalty, promotions, and other programs has always been daunting. Marketers today need a complete system to engage and connect directly with consumers.

That’s why we’re incredibly excited that PrizeLogic recently became part of the Clarus Commerce family – combining our respective capabilities to offer the industry a truly one-stop, end-to-end engagement solution.

PrizeLogic has always been known as a leader in helping brands with promotions, rebates & offers and loyalty solutions. By joining Clarus, the leaders in Premium Loyalty, we can help marketers solve all their challenges in engaging and connecting with their customers directly. This includes the most complete end-to-end offering of Loyalty solutions, including Points based, member rewards, multi-action dashboards, punch cards and now with Clarus Premium Loyalty solutions.

Our Engage Platform houses first-party insights on engagement and purchases from millions of consumers. The platform is completely configurable to fit any brand’s unique needs and gives them the ability to use this data to optimize their programs and create value in their MarTech and AdTech stacks.

Bringing the capabilities of engagement and loyalty together is a natural fit that offers a truly end-to-end engagement solution. No matter your engagement needs today or into the future; from punch cards to premium loyalty, multi-action dashboards, rewards, sweepstakes, contests, social kickbacks and more, our combined capabilities cover everything.

Investing in your customers is the most above-board way to engage. We’re incredibly excited to offer a solution to solve every challenge that marketers face around customer engagement.

Ryan Lamirand

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