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Our intelligent, secure consumer engagement platform aggregates and activates zero-party and first-party data generated from our client’s Promotions and Loyalty Programs with third-party data from our brand and agency partners to help clients more clearly understand and optimize engagement with their customers.

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Gain valuable customer insights with the Engage Platform

Engage is our Consumer Data Platform (CDP) and is much more than a consumer database. It’s a full system built to integrate and manage our client’s data from both online and offline sources and organize it to provide a more unified customer profile. These customer profiles are what creates better engagement outcomes, personalization and new customer insights for our clients.


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Get more value from your promotions and loyalty programs.

Get more value from your promotions and loyalty programs. Our team of data management specialists give our clients a competitive advantage by organizing data into differentiated data structures, improving data efficiency and providing real-time access to deliver holistic customer insight.


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Create better consumer experiences through the combination of data insights.

Seamless combination of zero-party data collected through our client’s incentivized engagements with third-party consumer insights better inform decisions and create more compelling customer experiences.


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Activate authentic customer data into audiences that drive better marketing results.

Activate the most authentic customer data into audiences that drive better media and marketing results. We transform user-based engagement and interactions into authentic, high performing syndicated and custom audiences to give marketers a competitive advantage.


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Easily Integrate your marketing ecosystem through our Engage API framework.

Seamless integration with the Engage Platform through an API framework to provide simple, repeatable exchange of data across all client marketing ecosystems including CRM, mobile, eCommerce, POS and social media.


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Obtain valuable shopper insights through our secure, comprehensive purchase validation solutions.

We can integrate a range of purchase and post-purchase validations options to align what is best for your brand and retail partners.


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The Engage Platform offers unparalleled protection for both client and consumer data and privacy.

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If you want to discuss your engagement strategy, fill out the form below. One of our experts will reach out to you to start a conversation.

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